Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life's Artificial Lures

 I absolutely love fishing. It is a great release from everyday life and is a great stress reliever. I have to admit that I'm not the greatest fisherman though. I blame it on bad luck. There have been quite a few beauties that have escaped my grasp. Just so everyone knows that I have caught a few, I included the picture on the left. Here in Montana there are loads of beautiful rivers and lakes that are great for fishing. I love to hear all of the 'Fish' stories. Many like me seem to have just missed landing the BIG ONE.

In order to catch a fish, hooks are made. The hooks are then covered in something that looks like a fish would normally love to eat. The fisherman tries to trick the fish with something that looks real, but is not.  They are barbed so that when the fish does bite it, the barb sinks in deep and makes the hook difficult for the fish to spit out. That's when the battle begins.

Much like the fisherman tries to catch the fish with something that looks great, but could prove fatal, we have artificial lures around us that could prove harmful and even fatal. These artificial lures surround us on a daily basis. Things that cause addictions fit into this category. Addictions get us hooked and soon we are at their mercy and find it difficult to escape. Things that provide pleasure for a moment, but leave us unhappy in the long run are all things that can fit into the artificial lure category. Even small things like watching too much TV or playing video games can ensnare us. I must admit that fishing could even be a not so good thing if it's keeping us away from our families or attending church on Sunday.

We need to focus on what's most important in our lives. We need to decide what is real and what is fake so that we can find what will truly bring happiness and keep us in control. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us what these lures are and how to avoid them. We have been given commandments to keep us happy and safe.

Of course the great thing is that if we have been 'hooked' and are in trouble then there is always the opportunity for heavenly help. The 'Good News' of Jesus Christ is the way to complete healing.

So in conclusion let's all watch out for artificial lures and help those around us who have been 'hooked'.
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  1. Addictions can all be avoided. We need to be careful what we let into our lives. Every fish is innocent. They are just hungry and they want a bite to eat. How unfortunate it is for them when they chomp into one of them hooks. What may seem like harmless fun can turn into a major disaster. We need to be careful what we eat. Life is too precious to get caught in Satans hooks.

  2. There are many types of addiction and each one of them can be overcome through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out these websites for more information:,11666,6629-1-3414-1,00.html

  3. There are thousands of different kinds of lures and flies used by both types of fishermen in small lakes and rivers. Then there are the traps and nets used by sea or ocean fishermen. Each fish has its own specific weakness and there are lures, flies, and other general pieces of bait that are designed to capture each one. When a fish is caught in such a trap, it is up to the fisherman whether or not to let go.

    In this specific metaphor, we are the fish, Satan is the fisherman, and the many temptations of life are the lures. Satan will never let us go; he has no mercy. But there is another thing that I haven't mentioned yet.

    On the rivers. near lakes, and in the ocean, there are also obstacles for the fishermen. Trees, bushes, rocks, kelp; each can slow down or completely deflect and prevent the fisherman from completing his task. Sometimes there could even be other people preventing the fisherman from accessing his quarry.

    Around our own little oasis, pond, or river, the underbrush we have can be called the Light of Christ, the Holy Ghost, and other such righteous influences. By surrounding ourselves with the good in life, we can make sure that the fishermen never even get close to us.

    Sometimes, we may find ourselves with our protective fortifications lowered or cut away as we slowly disillusion ourselves with temptations, thinking, "Oh, I can handle this, and I'll be right back." To continue with the fishing metaphor, maybe there is a small inlet our outlet from our little pond, places where the food is wonderful, but the protection is thin. This will enable the fisherman access to us where he didn't have it when we were safe in our pond. Once we have been caught by the evil fisherman, the only thing that can save us is someone cutting the line.

    That someone is Jesus Christ, and his cutting implement-be it scissors, a sword, or whatever else you can imagine-is the Atonement. It is through sincere repentance made possible by and through the Atonement that the hook can be removed and we can return to the safety of our ponds (or other location).

    The lures vary in shape, size, and effectiveness, but the end purpose is the same: to catch the fish. By utilizing the tools prepared from the foundation of the world (repentance and the Atonement), we can sever that line and return unto Christ.

    I have witnessed the effects of many lures and seen many struggle against the strength of the "pole in the fisher's hands", and only a few who have been able to cut the line. Let us all have the strength, fortitude, and faith to cut the lines and help those around us do the same thing.

  4. Elder Catron, you are truly an inspiration and example to me! Thank you for all you are doing!

  5. I do agree on your article. There are many people nowadays who always prefer to use some artificial lure in order for them to save some of there money. Also, there's a very good thing about it that it can easily attracts fishes to eat that fake bait which is an opportunity on you as well.